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Active marine peptides


The Nutrifish Food Grade factory guarantees 100% traceability for its raw materials (from fishing to transformation).

Collected raw materials are immediatly valued in our factory. Our products as a whole are standardized (process control and quality).


The world’s population will hit 8.1 billion in 2025 and resources are running dry. It is from this observation that Nutrifish is born. During this time, the oceans are emptying year after year of their precious and magnificent resources, yet they are indispensable to biodiversity, food balance and for the world’s population.

Faced with this alarming observation, Nutrifish offers a solution : Nourish whilst valuing raw marine materials from transformation.

By using raw marine materials, Nutrifish transforms them to create ingredients to a high added value and bring a nutritional value.

The vision Nutrifish has is to nourish and preserve health by using natural marine resources in a responsible manner.

The company

The mission at Nutrifish is to produce natural active ingredients destined to markets :





The production site has a surface of 3 530 m², of which 500 m² available for new technology.


The Nutrifish factory


Key dates

September 2016 : Beginning of the production lines of powder and active bio-peptides.

June 2016 : Beginning of the production lines for mince and oil.

December 2014 : Beginning of the building process.

2013 : Technical partnership with IBL Group (Mauritian group), specialised in tuna co-product valorisation.

2011 : New unit construction project for organic marine co-product valorisation.

2009 : Creation of Nutrifish by PAM and SoFish : Valorisation of salmon co-products, made into mince and scraps destined to the agro-alimentary industry.

PAM and SoFish are companies of sea food transformation, located in Cherbourg en Cotentin


  • Ethic & Excellence

Nutrifish has for mission the Ethic to nurture the planet whilst acting on the preservation of oceans.
Nutrifish aims for a level of excellence in terms of quality and customer service.

  • Reactivity & Proximity

We owe ourselves to be reactive and force of proposition towards our customers and suppliers. We wish to develop a relationship of proximity, long term and of trust in our relations towards customers and suppliers.

  • Innovation & Passion

The multitude of ingredients to conceive and their impacts in terms of nutrition and health are the directing lines of innovation. The process in place and the possibility to produce simultaneously fish powders, oils and mince is a real innovation.
Everyone’s investment reflects a real passion in starting and the functionning of the factory.

Research & Innovation

Nutrifish products will be in constant evolution to reply to the nutrition market demands, well-being, health and beauty.
The development of the range of products is made by :

  • The demand of customers and expectations of different markets
  • The diversity of species of transformed fish
  • Research and studies held on our products
  • Made to measure demands for certain customers

Innovative process

Nutrifish is the 1st company in Europe equipped with an automatized process line to FOOD norms, permitting the simultaneous production of :

  • Amino-acids and active marine peptides
  • Aromatic powders and minerals
  • Fish oil by cold extraction
  • Fish mince

Research & Development

  • An expertise in mastering enzymatic-hydrolysis, Nutrifish has the possibility and the determination to produce ingredients that are always more innovative
  • A collaboration with research centers and universities
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