Culinary Food offer

Flavours and proteins



Nutrifish ensures the availability and regularity of its ingredient supply for argolimentary industries for the applications of : cooked dishes, fish pâtés, dumplings, surimi, fish cakes, fish soups and other applications


Products destined for agro-alimentary companies

Our products are present in a number of culinary recipes, bringing unique and tasty flavours.

You can see our dietary powders, aromatic powders, refined oils and fish mince.

Nutrifish, supplier of natural marine ingredients, guarantee quality and traceability of its products.

Nutrition & Dietetic


Nutrifish offers solutions for actors with nutrition and dietetic functions.

Fish ingredients are naturally rich in minerals, protein, phosphor, calcium, Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential to children, elderly people, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers, aswell as recovering people.


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