Fish mince

Flavours and nutrition

Nutritional and flavoursome intake – fish mince mixes into your different culinary preparations easily and is a good fish alternative.

Salmon mince

Salmon mince can be used in culinary preparations based on sea products (cooked dishes, sea burgers, dumplings, pâtés, …)

It brings aromatic benefits (salmon taste), nutritional (proteins and marine lipids : omega 3). This product is a good “salmon” alternative in your recipes.


Packaging is by blocks of 7.5kg in a plastic sleeve.
Palet of 1050kg net weight or by block of 12.5kg in a plastic pocket.

Salmon farmed in Norway, Scotland, Ireland or France.

De-oiled salmon mince

(in development)

Salmon farmed in Norway, Scotland, Ireland or France.

Cod mince

(in development)

Fish fished in the Pacific, MSC certified.

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