Blue economy

Natural marine material

The Nutrifish Food Grade factory guarantees 100% traceability for its raw materials (from fishing to transformation).
Collected raw materials are immediatly valued in our factory. Our products as a whole are standardized (process control and quality).

Blue Economy

Nutrifish is founded on circular economic principles, where we consider co-products not as waste but endowed with added value, inscribing itself in a sustainable development policy.



In our daily functions, we limit our energetic footprint, by adopting an ecological approach:

  • Complete value of raw materials for food
  • A local company that creates reduced energetic expenditure
  • An eco-responsible approach in the process : no usage of solvants in the extraction of ingredients




Acting as a responsible employer

The company Nutrifish wishes to promote good working conditions to ensure the good professional development of its collaborators :

  • Autonomy and responsability of its employees
  • Continual bettering of working conditions : hygiene and safety
  • Implementation of learning programs

A win-win relationship

In relationships with our collaborators, we look for an exchange based on trust and durability for a commercial relationship, whilst respecting our values, our policy on quality and sustainability.


Customer satisfaction, a complete commitment

At Nutrifish, we develop ingredients answering as faithfuly as possible to our customer’s needs and expectations, through personalised solutions.

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