Fish powders

Aromatic base

Nutrifish offers notes of aromatic and flavoursome powders rich in protein.
Our powders are manufactured under organoleptic and bacteriological control in optimal alimentary hygienic conditions.
Ideal for your culinary preparations (soups, cooked dishes, snacks, surimi, dietetic).


Aromatic cod powder

It brings aromatic benefits (cod notes), nutritional (protein), marine minerals and sustainability (MSC fishing). This product is a good “cod” alternative in your recipes.

Its micronized texture permits a quality solution (no lumps) and stable in time (no decantation).

Packaging is in a paper alimentary bag, lined with polyethylene, net weight 25kg,
Palet of 750kg net,
Or in Big Bags of 500kg and 500kg palet.

Aromatic salmon powder

(in development)

Aromatic trout powder

(in development)


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